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Setting up your Organization

These articles help Admins set up their organization on Pearl. Get an overview of the Admin dashboard, info on setting up programs, and more.

Organization Management

Admin help articles that cover everything you need to know to manage your organization on Pearl.

Organization Settings

These articles help explain how Admins can customize the settings of your Pearl platform to reflect the operations of your organization.

Pearl Online Classroom

Help articles with everything you need to know about Pearl's 1:1 Online Classroom including technical requirements and troubleshooting.

Dashboard Features

These articles provide details about dashboard features available to all users.


Help articles for Instructors that cover everything from account activation and availability setting to being ready for your first session, and more.

Students & Parents

These articles are to help Student and Parent users to get setup and oriented to the platform.

Scheduling Sessions

These articles describe how to schedule sessions based on your user role: Admin, Instructor, or Student & Parent.

Session Tracking & Reports

These articles describe how to view session details and post-session reports.


Help articles for Admins about the Storefront & Revenue features in Pearl to sell your organization's services & receive payments from your clients.

Subscription Management

Help articles that describe how to signup for a free trial and manage your subscription when you become a subscriber.

Managing User Profiles

The articles describe how to manage your individual user profile in Pearl.

Tech Support & Troubleshooting (Non-Classroom)

Non-classroom technical support and troubleshooting articles.