Admin-only Dashboard Overview

The Admin-only dashboard is where you’ll find Pearl's business management tools all in one place. In this article, you’ll learn about the function of admin tools and features which are designed to help your students, instructors, and business thrive!

Users: This article is for Organization Administrators (If you're an Admin+Instructor, click here.)

Prerequisites: You’ve activated your admin account

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Read about the features below:

  • Online Classroom: Connect instructors and students so they can meet in the interactive online classroom for personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions. 
  • Programs: This feature allows you to distinguish your offerings based on the subject matter, price, location, and/or seasonality. Every session conducted on the platform is connected to a program.
  • Session Booking: Book sessions between instructors and students online or in-person.
  • Session Management: Gain insight into the sessions that are taking place on the platform. From your admin dashboard, you can view upcoming sessions and review all past sessions including those that were completed, missed, or canceled. The reporting tools allow you to see the fees and payouts associated with each session. The “CSV Download” on the “Past Sessions” page gives you even more information about your sessions.
  • Calendar: The admin calendar shows all of your business’s scheduled and past sessions. Admins can book and manage all sessions from the Calendar.
  • User Management: Track information associated with each user through their personal profile. Each user role has distinct fields to help you manage and share information with your students, parents, and instructors. Archive users who are no longer active on the system.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Create and send invoices to your clients and give them the option to pay online. Track the status of invoices on the system.  
  • Storefront: Create your own online storefront to sell your services to current and perspective clients. 
  • User Portfolios: Upload, share, and store learning materials in the personal portfolio. Every user on the platform has their own personal portfolio where they can store materials to share in the online classroom or review after a session.
  • Platform Messaging: All users can send and receive messages via the platform. The messaging dashboard is connected to personal email and forwards all communications to ensure that your users never miss a message. 
  • Notifications: Stay in the loop with automated notifications and updates regarding scheduled sessions. Reminders are sent, via email, to all session participants. After the session, post-session notes are also forwarded to your users’ email.
  • Session Archive: Review past session data, including video playback of online sessions and an overview of the materials that were shared during the lesson. After an online session, students and instructors are prompted to complete a Post-Session Report which provides feedback about each online session they complete. All session participants (including parents) receive an overview of the session to keep everyone up to date about what was covered and how the student is progressing. 
  • Links: Add custom links that your students, parents, and/or instructors can access from their Dashboard. 
  • Insights: The insights features gives you a snapshot of the overall health of your organization. It provides aggregate data of sessions, users, billing, and user feedback to help you measure your success.
  • Tech Support: Use the dashboard support chat icon from your admin dashboard to access support articles, chat with a support team member, or report a tech issue.
  • Platform Support: Contact your account manager with any questions or if you need support with the system. We also love to hear your feedback. Pearl is committed to ensuring your success with the online platform!

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