Admin+Instructor Dashboard Overview

The Admin+Instructor Dashboard is where you’ll find all of your business management and teaching tools. In this article, you'll find everything you need to help you run your tutoring business.

Users: This article is for users with Admin and Instructor roles 

How do I know which user I am? From your dashboard, click the “All Users” page from the left navigation pane and search for your name in the user list. Under the “Roles” column on the right, you will see which role(s) you have. If you’re a user with an Admin-only role, click here to go to the Admin Only Dashboard Overview.

Prerequisites: You’ve activated your Admin+Instructor account


Read about features and their functionality below:


  • Dashboard: This is a summary view where you can see and access all the tools you need to run your business. As an Admin Instructor, your dashboard will include the Instructor tools you need to practice teaching in the online classroom and join sessions with students. 
  • Insights: This feature displays a snapshot of your organization’s overall activity. You can view aggregated data about your sessions, users, and billing. It also compiles a summary of post-session feedback from all your students. You can even filter and download insights data in CSV format to create your own reports. This is a powerful tool that can help you measure your success.
  • Calendar: View all of your organization’s past sessions and upcoming sessions. You can also book and manage sessions from the Calendar. Pro-tip: Use the calendar to open and edit upcoming session information.
  • Messages: All users can send and receive messages through the platform. Messages sent through the platform will also be sent to the user emails to help ensure that they never miss a message.
  • Sessions: Find a detailed list of your organization’s past and upcoming sessions here. From this page, you can view scheduled sessions and review all past sessions including those that were completed, missed, or canceled. You can filter and sort information and download it in CSV format to build reports and/or review your organization's data. 
  • Portfolio: Upload files to your account. We support files up to 10MB in these formats: JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDFs. Each user on the platform has their own user portfolio that cannot be viewed by other users except for Admin Users Portfolio files can be used by Instructors and Students to stage files to share during a session in our built-in 1:1 online classroom. Users may also attach portfolio files to send to other users via platform messages
  • Notifications: Notifications are automated communications sent to users to confirm sessions and remind users about upcoming sessions. Users can view their notifications on the notifications page. You cannot edit or turn off notifications.
  • Booking: Book online or in-person sessions online here. Online sessions can be set up to take place in the built-in 1:1 Online Classroom or to book an online session using a different video conference tool such as Zoom or Google Meet you can switch the Online Session Type to “URL Link” and add your meeting link.. 
  • All Users: View a list of all your users. From this page, you can view a users’ details, send them a message, or add a note. You can also use this page to bulk upload multiple users and add additional Admins.
  • Instructors, Parents, Students Pages: Add your Instructors, Parents, and Students by visiting their respective user pages. Before you add a user, we strongly recommend notifying them in advance. When you add a user, the platform automatically sends them an activation email to set up their account. Pro-tip: Associating a Parent with a Student when creating a Student user will save you the extra few steps and clicks! This step is important if your Student does not have an email address. 
  • Programs: Programs are a foundational building block to using the platform. Set up your programs to reflect what you offer your students (i.e. SAT Test Prep, Elementary Spanish, Algebra, etc.)
  • Groups: Create student groups to organize groups of students for messaging or booking purposes. You can use the group you created to use as a listserv or to     to book with multiple students at once for in-person sessions or online sessions. Remember - our built-in 1:1 online classroom does not support 1 to multiple meetings, but you can use the “URL Link” option on the booking page under Online Session type to hold a group session.
  • Revenue: Create and send invoices to Parents and/or Students directly from Pearl to collect payment for completed sessions. You can also search and review past invoices you’ve created and check payment status. You will need to connect a Stripe account to access this feature. 
  • Practice Classroom: Familiarize yourself with our built-in 1:1 Online Classroom without a student. Practice using the tools in the Online Classroom so you’re confident and ready for your next session. Note: The Practice Classroom is available to Admin Instructors and Instructors but is not accessible to Admin Only users.
  • Configuration: Configure organization-level information and settings here. You can set your timezone, default Instructor availability, booking policies, billing rules, Post-Session reports, and more.
  • Subscription Management: Manage your subscription with us here! You can customize your plan according to your needs as well as update your payment information at your convenience.

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