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Build Your Storefront Site

You will need to create your Storefront by customizing your Storefront page through the Storefront Builder, configuring your Storefront Settings, and setting up Credits and Packages for your business.

Users: Admins

Prerequisites:  You’ve activated your admin account and set up your Stripe account

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Storefront Overview

Storefront is your online store where parents and students can go to purchase your services before scheduling sessions. This feature gives you the ability to create a public or privately facing online store to advertise your tutoring services to parents and prospective students.

The Storefront is a comprehensive billing feature, therefore it does require some time to set it up if you are using it for the first time. The 3 things you need to set up to get started are:

  • Storefront Builder

Storefront Builder 

The Storefront Builder is what you need to set up to display your services. Think of this as your Storefront website - what you set up here is what your clients will see when they visit your Storefront.  

Steps to set up Storefront Builder:

1. Navigate to the "Storefront" page through the left navigation bar. You will see 3 sections on this page: Storefront builder, Storefront Settings, and Packages.

2. In the Description box, describe your business and what you offer to your clients. You can format your text, and include links.

Pro Tip: Include a link to your website in your Storefront Builder primary description box to show off your credentials

3. Next, you can create sections of services that you offer.

Note: You can add up to 10 sections.

a. Section Title: Give each section a title to help distinguish each unique service you offer.

b. Add image button: This is an upload image tool to enable you to upload an icon or image representing that section’s offering(s).

c. Section description: The section description box has simple formatting options such as bolding, italicizing, underling, and adding/removing links. The character limit is 3,000 characters.

d. Add Package button: By clicking this button, you can add existing package(s) to a specific section. Packages are added in columns of three, linearly. To create a new package... Each of these packages is from the "Package" section on the bottom-right hand side.

Note: You can add the same package in more than one section.

Note: Click here to learn how to create a new package

e. Add
section button: Click this button to add another section.

Remove section button: You can remove sections by clicking on the "x" in the upper-right-hand corner. Removing a section deletes it completely and will not be able to be brought back 

g. Reorder sections arrows: You can reorder sections using the arrows in the upper-right-hand corner.

Haven’t set up your Packages yet? Learn how to set up your Packages here. 

4.  When you are done adding your sections, "View Storefront Preview" link. Click this link to see what your Storefront looks like to your clients. 

5. Click the "Revert Changes" button to remove any changes you added that have not yet been published. This will NOT undo any published changes.

6. If you are ready to publish your Storefront, click "Publish Changes." Using this button will allow you to save and immediately publish any changes you’ve made to your Storefront. By clicking this, you will update your Storefront for anyone who is allowed to view it.

Important: The Storefront builder does NOT auto-save Remember to press the "Publish Changes" button before leaving this page or updates will not be saved. 

Important: If "Enable Storefront for users on your platform" is not checked, your Storefront will be disabled for existing clients. 

If "Allow anyone on the internet to see your storefront and purchase class" is not checked, your Storefront will be disabled for prospective clients visiting your Storefront URL.

Once you’re done setting up the Storefront builder, go ahead and proceed to the next two parts of setting up your Storefront: Storefront Settings and Credits [and Packages (optional)]

I am new to an online storefront but would like to create one quickly. Is this possible?

Yes. There is a quick linear approach to create your Storefront in under 15 minutes.

Please follow these steps:

1. Define the credits you want to sell by deciding if you're selling sessions or time.
  • If you want to sell hours and use them across all programs and instructors, then time credit is perfect. 
  • If you want to sell sessions and want them to be redeemed with any instructor across all programs, session bottom right bottom-right-hand credit is perfect.

2. Create the packages you'd like to sell in the "Packages" section 

3. Set up your settings in the Booking and Policies and Storefront settings 

4. Build your Storefront

5. Turn your Storefront on 

A Storefront example for reference 

Here is an example of a Storefront that may provide some inspiration for building your own online storefront.

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