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How to Add Instructor/Student User Roles to your Admin Account and Switch between these User Roles

Admin accounts provide access to Trilogy’s business management tools but don’t provide access to the online classroom. Therefore, admins can add user roles (Instructor/Student) to their account, which allows them access to the online classroom.

Users: This article is for Organizational Admins/Licensee Owners.

Prerequisites:  You have been added as an Administrator on the platform | Your account is activated 

Why is it necessary to have additional roles on the platform? 

The administrative account provides access to all of the business management tools on the platform. Only instructors and students, however, can access and enter the online classroom. For admins who want to access the online classroom, they can add themselves as instructors and students on the platform. For administrators that are meeting with students to conduct sessions, they will need to be added to the system as an instructor. For administrators that are conducting instructor training sessions, they will need to be added to the system as a student. 

We do not recommend assigning multiple roles to instructor, parent, or student users. The various views may cause confusion.

Read the step-by-step instructions outlined below: 

To add the administrator as an additional user role on the system, navigate to the desired user management page from the left navigation bar of the admin portal. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.45.15 AM

On the Instructor Management and Student Management pages, you can add the admin as that specific user type using the same email address used for the admin account. 

For an overview on how to add users, please refer to the following documentation

Since the admin is already an established user on the system, they will not receive an additional email asking to activate the account.

To access the new user roles, simply hover your mouse over your name in the upper right part of the window to logout and log back into the system.

Once all of the desired roles have been added to the admin’s account, they can switch between the various roles from the top navigation bar from any page of the website.

Switch User Role

In the top right corner of the web page, when you hover your mouse over your name, you’ll see a dropdown menu with several user role options. 


The role highlighted in blue denotes the current account view.

Click on the desired user role to switch your dashboard view. 

Note: The online classroom is only accessible from the instructor and student portals. For online sessions, admins will need to navigate to the proper account to enter the online classroom for their session.


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