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How to create, use, and manage credits

Storefront Credits represent your services in the form of sessions or time. In order for your clients to purchase your services, you will need to set up Credits for them to purchase. Credits can also be used to create Packages.

Users: Admins

Prerequisites:  You’ve activated your admin account and set up your Stripe account

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Storefront Overview

Storefront is your online store where parents and students can go to purchase your services before scheduling sessions. This feature gives you the ability to create a public or privately facing online store to advertise your tutoring services to parents and prospective students.

The Storefront is a comprehensive billing feature, therefore it does require some time to set it up if you are using it for the first time.

The 3 things you need to set up to get started are:

    Credits Overview 

    Credits represent your services in the form of sessions or time. You can use Credits to create Packages of your services to directly sell to your clients through the Storefront. 

    Credits exist in two ways in the Storefront: There are two types of default Credits that exist in the system: 1) Sessions and  2) Time.
    You can create custom Credits to better represent your tutoring services.

    Choose Credits as Time is if you want to sell your by hours to your clients.
    If you want to sell your services by sessions choose “sessions”.

    How can I create custom credit?

    Credits can be customized by navigating to the 'Credits' section in the 'Credits & Packages' page within Configuration. Credits are defined by sessions and/or time parameters. 

    Pro Tip: You can also access the Credits & Packages page from the Storefront builder page by navigating to the "Packages" section of the Storefront builder and clicking the "Configure Credits & Packages" link. 

    Steps to create a custom Credit:

    1. Click on the “Create New Credit” button.

    2. A “New Credit” window will open

    3. Select what you’d like this Credit to represent Time or Sessions

    4. Select the Instructor that this Credit can be used for or leave it blank if you’d like this Credit it to apply to all instructors

    Important: An Instructor must be added to your platform for them to appear in this field. You may view your Instructor list by clicking “Instructors” in the platform’s left navigation bar. 

    5. Select whether this Credit can be used for all programs or a specific Program from the drop-down menu. 

    Note:  Click here to learn more about Programs.

    6. Click the “Create New Credit” when you are done editing the Credit to save your new credit.

    Within the "Credits" section, new Credits are grouped into either the "Sessions" or "Time" groups. This section will also indicate if the credits are sold, being used (outstanding) sold, and how many Packages they have been used in.

    What are the settings in the "Credits" section on the Configurations page?

    The “Only show credits available on the Storefront” checkbox: Select “Only show credits available on the Storefront” will display only the credits you are actively using on your Storefront at the moment.

    The “Show Hidden Credits” checkbox: Have “Show Hidden Credits” unselected if you do not want to see hidden credits on the list.

    Edit Credits: You can edit which instructor the credit can be used for and for which package by clicking on the “Edit” link for a specific credit. 

    Important: The type of credit cannot be changed. 

    Hide Credits:
    Hide your credits on this list by clicking on the “Hide” link. If you wish to bring the credit back, you will need to select “Show Hidden Credits” and click on the “Unhide” link for that credit 

    How are credits taken from clients when booking sessions?

    It is important to mark a session “billable” when booking sessions with a client and that they have credits when they take the session so that credits are reduced.

    When you want to enable someone to take a session without costing them any credit for it, you can mark it as non-billable. Then the credits will not be deducted.

    Note: Click here to learn more about the booking form. 

    Booking policies and session credit requirements settings

    The “Booking Policies” section in the "Booking & Sessions" page under the Configurations tab will allow you to configure your booking policies regarding credits,

    • “Require credits for session to be booked”: If this checkbox is checked, credit is required to book this session.
    • “Automatically cancel scheduled session if the user doesn’t have the appropriate credits within a set number of hours of the session”: This will automatically cancel a scheduled session if a client does not have the appropriate credit within the set number of hours. A client can book a session even if they do not have credits, but if the client reaches the specified time window without having the appropriate credits, the session will be canceled.

    Refunding credits

    Storefront credits can not be refunded through our platform. This can only be done from your Stripe account since that is the payments collecting system. Here is a Stripe article to help guide you through the process.

    Note: If you do issue a refund to a client through Stripe, that refund may not be reflected in their Storefront Credits.

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