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How to create, use, and manage Packages

Create Packages of services you offer to your clients and allow them to purchase in the form of Credits through your Storefront.

Users: Admins

Prerequisites:  You’ve activated your admin account and set up your Stripe account

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Storefront Overview

Storefront is your online store where parents and students can go to purchase your services before scheduling sessions. This feature gives you the ability to create a public or privately facing online store to advertise your tutoring services to parents and prospective students.

The Storefront is a comprehensive billing feature, therefore it does require some time to set it up if you are using it for the first time. The 3 things you need to set up to get started are:

    Overview of Packages

    A Package is a group or set of services set up in the form of credits that you can sell to your clients using the Storefront. While you must set up Credits for your Storefront to be functional, creating Packages is optional.

    In order to create a Package, you will need to first set up Credits. If you have not done this yet, visit How to use, create, and manage credits.

    How can I create a Package? 

    You can create a Package from two different places in the platform:
    1. Storefront builder page or  2. the Credits & Packages page in Configuration. 

    In each of these pages, search for the  "Create New Package" button.

    Steps to Create a New Package:  

    1. Navigate to Packages from the Credits & Packages page

    2. Click on the “Create New Package” button located on the bottom left of the page

    3. Select which type of Credit you want to use. Note: You may use one of the default Credits
    available in Sessions or Time or you may choose a Custom Credit

    a. If you choose “Sessions”- indicate the total number of sessions you want to include in this package
    b. If you choose “Time” - indicate the total amount of time you want to include in this package 

    4. Set up your total price for the Package 

    5. Name your Package

    6. Write a client-facing description for your Package 

    Pro Tip: Easily access the Credits & Packages page from the main Storefront builder page by navigating to the Packages section and clicking the "Configure Credits & Packages" link. 

    Important: The Packages section in the bottom right-hand corner is merely for bookkeeping purposes, so adding them will NOT trigger them to appear on your Storefront.  

    Existing Packages

    You can find Existing Packages on the Credits & Packages page as well as the Storefront Builder page. You will see your Package’s name, description, and price.

    What are the settings in the "Packages" section on the Configurations page?

    The “Only show packages available on the Storefront” checkbox: If you select “Only show credits available on the Storefront” the page will only display the credits that you are actively using on your Storefront.  

    The “Show Hidden Packages” checkbox: Select “Show Hidden Packages” to see all the packages, including the ones that have been hidden

    Edit Packages: You can edit the type of credit you selected, the credit value, title, and description.

    Copy Link: Each package has a "Copy Link" link. To share the link of an individual Package, click on the "Copy Link" link for that package. This allows your client to only see the package versus your whole Storefront.

    Note: Clients must have an account with you on the platform to do this.

    Hide Packages: Hide your packages on this list by clicking on the “Hide” link. If you wish to bring the package back, you will need to select “Show Hidden Packages” and click on the “Unhide” link for that package. 

    How do I add Packages to my Storefront?

    Navigate to your Storefront builder by clicking the Storefront in the left navigation bar.
    In the Storefront builder, you will see "Sections." Within each "Section" there is a "+ add package" button to let you add Packages to that section of your Storefront.

    Selecting the “+ add package” button will open a “Choose a package” window from which you can select the Package(s) you’d like to add to this Section from your Packages list. Select all the Packages you wish to add. 

    Note:  Click here to learn more about Storefront builder.

    Are parents automatic payers?

    You can either choose both parents and students to be payers or just have one or the other selected. This will determine who will have access to view your Storefront on their Dashboard. Having both unselected will result in both Parents and Students not having access to your Storefront.

    Configure “Payers” by navigating to your Configurations page.
    Click on User Configuration on the Configuration page's left navigation bar.
    This will open a "Users Types" window from which you can set students, Parents, or both as “Payers” on your platform.


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