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How to Share Your Screen in the Pearl 1:1 Online Classroom

Use “Screen Share” mode in the Pearl Online Classroom to share resources, lesson materials, and more during your session.

Users: This article is for Instructors and Students

Prerequisites: You’re using the Pearl Online Classroom 


Screen Share mode enables the Instructor or the Student to share their devices’ screen with the other session participant.

How to Screen Share

  1. In order for either participant to share their screen, the Instructor must click on the Screen Share icon in the Online Classroom’s bottom toolbar to open Screen Share mode for both participants.
  2. Now both the Instructor and the Student will see the blue “Share My Screen” button at the top of their screen. The person who needs to share their screen should click this button.
  3. After clicking “Share my screen”, a window will appear and ask you to “Choose what to share” - your entire screen, window, or a browser tab.
  4. Select what you want to share 
  5. The “share” button at the bottom right will now turn blue. Click the button and now your screen should be shared.

Things to Know About Screen Sharing:

  1. Only one user may share their screen at a time 
  2. Audio from videos does not get shared during screen sharing (i.e. if you share your screen and play a YouTube video, the audio from that video is not audible by the other participant)
  3. Google Chrome browser is our recommended browser for Screen Sharing. Other browsers such as Safari and Firefox do not support the screen share tool. Note: If you’re not sure which browser you are using, check using the Tech Checklist. To open the Tech Checklist from your live Classroom session, click on the audio/video settings gear button 
  4. Pro tip: When you share your screen it will appear as though you have lost the ability to see the other participant in the Pearl Online Classroom; if you’d like to see one another’s video camera feeds while sharing your screen, share a “tab” and resize your Pearl Online Classroom tab and the tab that you’re sharing so that you can see both tabs simultaneously.

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