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How to Set Up Additional Student Accounts as a Parent

The system is designed for each student to have their own account. Therefore, parents with more than one student will need to create and activate each individual student’s account before sessions can be scheduled.

Users: This article is for Parents

Prerequisites: Instructor/Admin has added you as a user in the system | Admin has added you to the system | You (the parent) have completed the account set up process for your own account

Note: If your Organization Administrator has chosen an “Administrator Owns User Data” policy, you will not be able to add an additional student account from your Parent Dashboard. Please contact your Organization Admin to have them add another student to your account.

Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below or skip ahead: 

New Parents and Students: Activating parent and student accounts at once. 

You will receive two emails from the system. 

First, open the email asking you to activate your account. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.29.42 AM

Activate the parent account by following the steps outlined in this link: How to Activate Your Parent and Student Accounts.

Existing Parent: Add another student to your account

If you are an existing parent on the system and would like to add a new student profile to your account, you can do so from your Parent Dashboard.

When you login to your parent account, you’ll be presented with this menu:

Simply click “Add User” to begin creating a new student profile within your account.

Follow the prompts to enter student information, then click save to create the new student account.

Existing Parent: Activating a new student account from email

If you are an existing parent on the system and have requested an account for an additional student, you will receive an email notification that includes a link to set up the new student’s account. 

Note: If you don’t use the email notification to set up your student’s account, don’t worry! You’ll be prompted to set up their account the next time you login to your Parent Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.29.47 AM

In the email, click the “Setup My Student’s Account” button.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.29.57 AM

If you are prompted to login, use your parent login email and password to access your account.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.30.04 AM

Once you have logged in, you will immediately be prompted to complete the setup process for your student’s account. Please pay attention to the name of the student in the heading of the form. Be sure to take note of the usernames or email addresses assigned to each student as well as the password set for each student.

Click "Save Student Setup" to complete the account activation process.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.30.16 AM

We recommend logging out of your parent account and logging into the student account with your student so you can introduce them to the platform.

Existing Parent: Activating a new student account from Parent Dashboard

If you are already an active parent in the system and need to activate another student’s account, you should receive an account activation email. However, if you are having trouble finding the email, all you need to do is log in to your parent account. As soon as you login, you will be presented with the form to set up your student’s account as shown above.


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