How to use Revenue to Create and Manage Invoices

Pearl makes it easy for you to manage your billing from within the tutoring platform. Learn how to set up or connect a Stripe account to the platform. Send invoices and receive payments deposited directly into your account.

Users: This article is for Organization Administrators

Prerequisites: Admin account is active

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How to Create a Single Invoice:

How to Create Multiple Invoices with the Invoice Wizard:


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        How to set up your Stripe account 

        From the admin dashboard, click on either of the links in the “Billing” section to navigate to the Billing page.

        Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 5.32.00 PM

        On the “Billing” page, in the “Setup” window, click “Connect with Stripe.” 

        Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 12.28.39 PM

        On the following page, use the form provided to create a new Stripe account or connect an existing Stripe account.

        Follow the prompts as they appear on the page the page.

        Create A Single Invoice:

        To send a single invoice, Click the “Create an invoice button” from the admin dashboard

        Or use the blue “New Invoice” button on the “Admin - Invoices” page.

        The invoice page is split into two sections: 

        1 - The Search Tool, on the left, allows you to filter and search past sessions and add billable sessions to an invoice.
        You’ll start your session search by first selecting a student, parent, or instructor. Then select a timeframe. You can use one of the presets like last month, this month, last quarter, or you can create your own custom date range for the search.

        After that, you can further filter by Program, Session Status, and the “Billable” tag. 
        Note that these last 3 filter options are pre-set to “All”.

        Once you’ve filtered your search appropriately, click the "Search" button.

        The filtered sessions will then appear below in a list format. 

        You can click the “Add All” button to invoice all the listed sessions

        Or click on the PLUS sign next to each session to move them onto the invoice individually.

        Note: On your filtered list, click on the Blue Session Title located on any of the session cards to navigate to that session’s details page. 


        Any sessions that have been added to an invoice will appear with a Green Check within the session card.

        Once you’ve selected which sessions you’d like to invoice, you’re ready to move on to the Invoice Tool.

        2 - The Invoice Tool, on the right side of the page, lets you select a customer, customize the invoice details, and add/remove line items or apply discounts.  Save your invoices as drafts and send invoices directly to your clients from this page.

        Start customizing your invoice by selecting the customer you wish to invoice. Search and select an active client on your platform or Click “Enter their email address” to send to a client outside of the system.

        The invoice date is preset to today’s date but can be changed; you’ll also need to choose a “Due Date” for the invoice. You can also change the subject or create a unique invoice number for reference. 

        Now, it’s time to review your invoice. Scroll down the invoice and verify that the appropriate sessions were added from the search on the left. You can edit the description, quantity, or price on these sessions; or you can remove these sessions by clicking the Trash icon beside them.

        Click the “+ New line item” button to add additional line items, as needed, for extra products or services. This button can also be used to add negative line items to apply a discount.

        To wrap up the invoice, use the buttons in the bottom right corner of the page to “Cancel”(Delete), “Save Draft”, or “Save & Send”

        Create multiple invoices using the “Invoicing Wizard”

        The Invoicing Wizard is located on the Admin - Invoices page.

        Click on the "Payments" tab in the left hand navigation to navigate to the page.

        Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 9.10.21 AM

        Start the invoicing wizard by clicking the blue "Invoicing Wizard" button.
        Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 9.08.18 AM

        The “Invoicing Wizard” is used to generate invoices for multiple clients at once. This tool drafts your invoices and immediately adds relevant sessions to help you save time.  

        To start using the wizard, sort your organization’s past sessions by selecting the relevant date range. From there, you have the option to invoice per Student, or per Parent. Selecting per Parent will include sessions for multiple students associated with a single parent account. 

        After that, you can further filter by Program, Session Status, and the “Billable” tag. Note that these last 3 filter options are pre-set to “All”. You can also filter by a specific instructor if you’d like.

        The green numbers in the bottom left corner of the wizard show how many drafts will be generated from the search and the combined total revenue of those invoices. 

        Once you have set your filters, click the "Go to draft invoices" button

        Your invoices will immediately be drafted. The wizard will guide you through each individual invoice for your review. Finish each invoice by setting a “Due Date”, reviewing the listed sessions, and adding any necessary extra line items.
        Save each invoice as a Draft or immediately Save & Send directly to the client using the corresponding buttons in the bottom right corner

        Navigate back and forth between the invoice drafts and track your progress using the buttons and markers at the very bottom of the wizard. 

        Important Note: Make sure you click “Save Draft” or “Save & Send” on each invoice so you don’t lose your progress. Clicking “Next” or “Back” without saving will delete any unsaved changes to the invoice.

        View and Manage Your Invoices

        To view and manage all of your organization’s invoices, click on “View Invoices” from the Admin Dashboard. 

        or from the navigation bar, click “Billing” to view/create invoices.

        From the “Admin - Invoices” page, you can view and take action on your invoices from the table.

        Use the Dots Icon in the “ACTIONS” column to expand your options

        Depending on the status of a particular invoice, you may see a different set of actions to take.

        Note: Invoices are automatically marked as paid if users pay via the system.

        When you send an invoice to the customer the email will look like this and be available for download in PDF:

        Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 3.04.29 PM

        Your clients also have a section on their personal account dashboard that allows them to pay and review invoices associated with their account.

        Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 7.55.07 AM

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