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Storefront Settings

Storefront has high-level configurations that allow you to control who can see and access your Storefront. Read this article to understand the functionality of each setting option.

Users: Admins

Prerequisites:  You’ve activated your admin account and set up your Stripe account

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Storefront Overview

Storefront is your online store where parents and students can go to purchase your services before scheduling sessions. This feature gives you the ability to create a public or privately facing online store to advertise your tutoring services to parents and prospective students.

The Storefront is a comprehensive billing feature, therefore it does require some time to set it up if you are using it for the first time. The 3 things you need to set up to get started are:

Overview of Settings

The Storefront settings is where you can control who can see and access your Storefront. The default is for all the settings to be checked “off” so you will need to go through and select the functions you want for your business. If you don't select any of these checkboxes, your Storefront will remain hidden from your clients and only admins will be able to view it.

Important: If you make any changes in the Storefront settings, you must click "Update settings" to save them.

First checkbox: On and off switch for existing clients and payers on your Dashboard. 

If you check off only the first checkbox, anyone who is designated as your payer, whether it is students or parents, can see your published Storefront. Payers will have access to see and purchase any packages on your Storefront. Only users who have been selected as payers from your Dashboard or organization will have access to your Storefront. 

How do I decide who a payer is? 

Parents are automatically selected as payers while students are not. Not changing this will allow students to access their Dashboard without viewing your Storefront. Alternatively, if you would like to let students have access to Storefront and be payers, you will need to go to your configurations and settings to make this change. Having both unselected will result in both Parents and Students not having access to your Storefront.

To do update or decide this, you will need to navigate to your Configurations page and click on User Configuration on the Configuration page's left navigation bar. There you will see the "Users Types" section where you can determine what type of user, either Students or Parents users, deal with payments on your platform.

Note:  You can assign Students to be payers if you wish to allow them to have access to pay OR see the Storefront from their Dashboard. If you don’t want to give your students this responsibility, please do not assign them as payers.

Second, third, and fourth checkboxes: Settings to publish your Storefront on the internet and how prospective clients create their accounts

The second checkbox will allow your Storefront to be visible to prospective clients on the internet. This will also trigger the third and fourth checkboxes to be selected since these involve prospective clients creating their accounts. New clients who do not have an account with your organization will be able to click purchase from your public Storefront page, create an account, become a tenant of your organization, and complete the purchase.

Your Storefront URL is your www.[insert your org’s link].tutorwithpear.coml/Storefront

When creating an account, new clients will have different options depending on if they have an account with Pearl or not: 

Existing Pearl users:  If they have a Pearl account across any organization, then they can log in with that account and have the ability to purchase. 

New users: They can either create a new account or sign in with Google

When creating a new account, your clients will have the option of selecting if they are a student or parent user. This depends if both the third and fourth boxes have been selected or only one. Choosing both the third and fourth checkboxes, or just one determines what type of account a prospective client will create. 

Important: Only selecting the third checkbox will force prospective clients only to create student accounts. Only having the fourth checkbox will force prospective clients to create parent accounts only. 

Having both checked will allow prospective clients to select a parent account or a student account from the dropdown menu.

A verification code is sent to their email address when creating the account.
After entering the code, they will be taken to their Dashboard where they will need to enter their payment method and complete their purchase in the Storefront tab

Note: Let your prospective clients know to check their spam folder if they cannot find the code in their inbox.

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