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Student Dashboard Overview

The Student Dashboard is where you’ll find everything you need to manage tutoring experience.

Users: This article is for Students and Parents

Prerequisites: You’ve activated your student account


  • Account Login: Go to your organization’s unique URL to login to your account (ask your Administrator for the URL if you do not have it). TIP: It ends in “tutorwithpearl.com” 
  • Dashboard: Summary view where you can see and access all the tools you need to manage your tutoring experience. 
  • Calendar: View all of your past sessions and upcoming sessions. 
  • Messages: All users can send and receive messages through the platform. Messages sent through the platform will also be sent to the users’ email to help ensure that they never miss a message.
  • Sessions: Find a detailed list of your past and upcoming sessions here. From this page, you can view scheduled sessions and review all past sessions including those that were completed, missed, or canceled. Click the play button icon under the “Actions” column header to review the details of a Session including the Post-Session Report.
  • Portfolio: Upload files to your account. We support files up to 10MB in these formats: JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDFs. Each user on the platform has their own user portfolio that cannot be viewed by other users except that Parents can see their Student’s portfolio files and Admin users can see all users files. Portfolio files can be used in the built-in 1:1 Pearl Online Classroom and portfolio files shared during a built-in 1:1 Pearl Online Classroom become a part of the Session Details for that session. Session Details files are accessible by you, your Instructor, your Parent(s), and the organization’s Admins. You may also attach Portfolio files to messages sent via the platform “Messages” feature
  • Notifications: Notifications are automated communications sent to users to confirm sessions and remind users about upcoming sessions. Users can view their notifications by clicking “Notifications” in the Dashboard left navigation bar. Notification cannot be edited or disabled. However, you can stop text message notifications by replying ‘STOP’ to any text message notification you receive.
  • Booking: You may or may not have the ability as a Student to request to Book an online or in-person session (whether you can do this or not is determined by the organization’s Admins). If you see “Booking” in the left navigation bar of your Dashboard, you may request to book a session. 
  • Instructors: You may or may not have the ability as a Student to search for Instructors, review their details and request to book a session(s) with them. If you see “Instructors” in the left navigation bar of your Dashboard, you have the ability to search Instructors and request to book a session. 
  • Payments: If you are a Student without any related Parent users and you paid upfront for a Package and/or pay for sessions via Invoice, you will see a list of your Purchases & Invoices on this page. This page also displays the number of Credits you have remaining. 
  • Store: If you are a Student without any related Parent users and the organization has set up a storefront, you can use this page to shop for and purchase session packages.
  • Practice Classroom: Familiarize yourself with the built-in 1:1 Pearl Online Classroom. Practice using the tools in the Online Classroom so you’re confident and ready to help your Student(s) during their next session.

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