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Online Classroom’s Built-in Tech Checklist

Pearl’s Online Classroom has a built-in Tech Checklist that helps Students and Instructors set up their technology for success before they start their session.

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Feature Introduction: 

The Tech Checklist is the first page instructors and students encounter when they click to join their session scheduled to meet in Pearl’s Online Classroom. This checklist will show them what Camera, Microphone, Speaker, System, and Network the Online Classroom’s system is receiving from their device. 

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What does the Tech Checklist do?

How to Use the Tech Checklist

How to Troubleshoot Student’s Tech Setup Using Tech Checklist

Check Your Student’s Network Connection

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What does the Tech Checklist do?

By using this tech checklist, instructors, parents, and students will be able to troubleshoot the following before their session starts:

  1. Ensure the Classroom is accessing the correct camera, microphone, and speaker 
  2. Check the strength and quality of their internet’s network connection for a stable session
  3. Check device and browser compatibility for functional Classroom experience

The Tech Checklist enables Instructors to troubleshoot live during their Classroom session. It allows instructors to:

  1. See what camera, microphone, and speaker their student’s device is using to access the Classroom 
  2. Fix their students audio and/or video issues as a result of their student’s technology being incorrectly set up 
  3. Understand their student’s technology limitations that may affect the quality of their Classroom session

How to Use the Tech Checklist

Testing your Camera, Microphone, and  Speaker

The Online Classroom requires connecting to a Camera, Microphone, and Speaker to support its video conferencing capabilities.

  1. Test your Camera, Microphone, and  Speaker
  2. Select “yes” if your Camera, Microphone, and  Speaker works 
  3. Select “no” if it does not work until your device finds an option that works. Note: If you run out of options, click “test again” and it will run through the available options again. 
  4. Switch devices if none of the options available work 

Testing your Network
The Online Classroom requires a minimum broadband speed of 25 mbps for stable connection.

  1. Check your Network quality and strength by clicking “Test Network” 
  2. If your Network quality is weak, please refer to our Classroom Troubleshooting Guide for more information

Check your Browser and Operating System

Pearl’s Online Classroom has specific technical requirements. By testing your browser and operating system, the Tech Checklist can tell you whether your device and/or your browser is compatible with the Classroom.

How to Troubleshoot Student’s Tech Setup Using Tech Checklist

Instructors have the ability to troubleshoot and fix a student’s audio and video issue during their live Classroom session. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Select the gears icon from the toolbar at the bottom right of the Online Classroom. See the icon highlighted in yellow below for reference.

  2. After you click the gears icon, it will open up the Tech Checklist window.

  3. Click the tab that says “Your Student’s Tech”. Your window should change to something that looks like this. 

  4. From this window you will be able to request changes to your student’s Pearl Online Classroom’s technical setup.

  5. Next, the Tech Checklist will open on your student’s end and they will need to give you permission to make changes to their setup. 

    If they select “no”, you will see a pop up notification at the top left of your Classroom screen that looks like this 

Check Your Student’s Network Connection

If your Classroom session is slow, lagging, and/or experiencing disruptions, try testing your student’s network connection to understand if the low quality is due to weak internet strength. 

  1. Click “test network”

  2. Wait for your student to accept your request. This is what will show up on their screen when you request the network test.

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